Most people are unaware that trigger points in their muscles (neck and face) can cause pain in their teeth. There are many trigger points in our face and neck that cause radiating pain to your upper or lower jaw.

Trigger Points From Temporalis Muscle (X) Refers Pain To Upper Arch

trigger point 2

Trigger Points From Masseter Muscle (X) Refers Pain To Upper & Lower Arch and TMJ

trigger point 1

Trigger Points From Your Neck Muscles (X) Can Refer Pain to Your Face, Head, & TMJ


That “toothache” that your Dentist has not been able to diagnose, could be coming from a Muscle Problem.

We have the solution!

There are many ways we help relieve your achy muscles:

Lower Level Laser Therapy

Massage Therapy


Trigger Point Therapy



Spray & Stretch

Call us today for your Head and Neck Muscle Evaluation to see if your

“tooth pain”

is  Actually a “muscle pain”.

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