Dr. Davidian’s process for treating patients that suffer from TMD is quite different than other general dentist offices.  We will refer you to an Orthodontist that specializes in Neuromuscular Ortho; however, Dr. Davidian is the person that finds the position the orthodontist will place your teeth in. She finds the perfect position by utilizing advanced dental technology such as, the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and K-7 evaluation system.


K-7 Perfect Position Evaluation System

The K7 Evaluation System provides the dental clinician or researcher with three technologies for measuring, displaying and storing objective data on physiologic and anatomical status and function like jaw tracking, electromyography and joint sonography. This objective data enhances the Dr. Davidian’s diagnostic and treatment considerations with information not previously available.
Both modalities that I use enable me to find the position for your lower jaw that is the most comfortable for your facial and neck muscles.

Once this position has been discovered, Dr. Davidian will send your information to our highly trained dental lab in California, who also specializes in working with Neuromuscular Patients. They will then provide Dr. Davidian with information that will allow her to make a fixed orthotic for you. The fixed orthotic will keep your lower jaw in its new position while the orthodontist moves your teeth. This is a predictable way to know what your end results will be once you’re finished with your orthodontic treatment. Pain free results!

Braces can help fix TMD pain by adjusting tooth positioning and bite alignment, which can be factors in causing or exasperating TMJ pain. Learn more about how braces can help relieve TMJ pain.

It is possible for braces to cause TMD pain. If you recently got braces and have been experiencing possible TMJ-related pain, it could be that you are experiencing a mild tendonitis issue from an increase in clenching. We recommend following up with a TMJ specialist to see if this could be the issue.