Amy H. - TMD Patient

Within the first 2 weeks I could already tell the relaxation I could feel in my jaw and face and how I would not wake up with headaches. It was amazing… it was like a magic potion for me. Dr. Tracy is very patient and very professional but yet makes you feel like she’s your sister or acquaintance you’ve known for along time.

Devon M. - Alignment Patient

I’m able to perform my daily work without the stress or worry of having headaches. For years I thought the only answer for migraine headaches and tension headaches were prescription drugs. I just strongly encourage anybody who’s dealt with migraine headaches and that are not getting the relief that they had hoped for, to really seek out, talk with Dr. Tracy to see if orthotic would be good for you. It’s been amazing for me. So, I hate I didn’t know about it sooner, she’s great.

Paige B. - Migraine Patient

I went from having migraine symptoms and migraines multiple times a week to having a couple a month maybe, most of them being weather related. It has literally been night and day, would never have thought that something like a jaw alignment would have the impact that it does. It’s made a significant change as far as quality of life goes. My family has noticed the fact I don’t complain as much and I have as many headache issues as I was having before. Just in general, it’s been a huge change and the fact that I didn’t have to go back on medication again.

Mary K. Ayers - Jaw Pain

I had been experiencing jaw pain for 3 years, doing simple tasks like eating and chewing started to become difficult. Some mornings I would wake up and would have a hard time opening my mouth, eventually I started to notice headaches and slight ear pain. Before coming to Carolina TMJ, I had tried the chiropractor, a new retainer from my orthodontist and at one point became very close to scheduling an appointment with an oral surgeon. I made the decision to come to Dr. Davidian because everything I tried didn’t work out for me. Because of Dr. Davidian I am now able to open my jaw properly and eat food without any discomfort. My jaw popping, I once had is completely gone! I would describe my experience with Carolina TMJ as efficient, caring and successful! I am very thankful for the Carolina TMJ team for helping with my pain and making me feel welcomed at each visit. If you have  any TMD signs or symptoms I suggest Dr. Davidian!

Sara R. - TMD Patient

I first visited Carolina TMJ in the Fall of 2023. I made the decision to visit her office due to the indescribable pain I was having and limited mouth opening. I didn’t have a specific trauma event that was the onset of my symptoms but I knew that something wasn’t right. I saw my general DDS where I was given shots and tried things like a soft food diet. With only temporary relief I knew that I needed to see someone who specialized in TMD. My experience with each visit to Carolina TMJ has been nothing but top notch care, not only did I get a thorough exam and documented plan at the NP Exam; but Dr. Davidian and her team continued that same cadence at each visit. The entire time is so welcoming from the minute you walk in. Dr. Davidian is beyond knowledgeable but also very passionate about leading patients to improvement. I highly recommend anyone experiencing pain to visit Dr. Davidian!

Seely N. - Jaw and Facial Pain

I came in to see Dr. Davidian with severe jaw and facial pain. It was affecting my daily life and especially my ability to eat. Before coming to her I tried acupuncture, dry needling, physical therapy, medication including anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, and orthotic devices. Dr. Davidian’s approach to healing and managing my pain was unmatched to anything I have done before. I have full range of motion in my jaw now, and if I ever have a flare-up (which is rare) I have the orthotics to manage it myself without needing to be seen every time. She is incredibly smart and thorough, and her treatment plan was worth every penny. I would absolutely recommend anyone experiencing jaw pain to see her.

Mandy Wilkins - Alignment Pain

I was in chronic pain from what I finally learned is a dislocated TMJ. The pain ranged from my jaw to my teeth, to my ears. My diet was restricted due to pain from chewing and not being able to open my mouth. I tried everything before going to Dr. Davidian – soft diet, Advil, Botox, acupuncture and more. My treatment with Dr. Davidian resulted in a 95% improvement. She’s very thorough and clearly knowledgeable. She was careful to manage my expectations (so I knew I may not be 100%). I trust her as a physician, and I like her as a person. No hesitation in recommending her for TMJ pain.

A. Hunsberger - TMJ Pain

Amazing practice and service! From the initial consultation and evaluation to discussing my options for treatment, to moving forward – everyone was super friendly, and explained everything in a way I could understand and remember. It’s the first relief I’ve EVER had in trying to help my TMJ pain. Expensive? Yes. But I haven’t encountered these treatment options anywhere else – and the days where I’m pain free are worth it.

Deborah - TMJ Pain

I highly recommend Dr. Davidian and her awesome staff. Not only are they friendly and courteous, they are also very knowledgeable in the TMJ arena. I suffered for 5 long months, seeing 16 Dr’s, dentist’s, TMJ surgeon’s, and specialist’s in a 12 week period of time before being referred to Dr. Davidian. She has truly seen me through months of immense pain and agony. I’ve done a 180 since starting with Dr. Davidian. She not only stopped the severe pain, she also helped me make enormous strides in my quality of life. She always gets me in if I have a flare up, and she reassures me when I’m in need. I strongly recommend Dr. Davidian and her all star staff, I’m living proof that there are other ways to manage severe TMJ that don’t include surgery.

Elham - TMJ Pain

I LOVE this place. Everyone here is very friendly and does everything they can to make you feel comfortable. Dr. Davidian is very knowledgeable and kind and she truly cares for her patient. I got jaw tendonitis and facial muscle spasm during my sport activity. I also had TMJ which got worse with this incident. I was in severe pain for several weeks until I found this place. Tessa is so nice, and she scheduled me for the earliest appointment. Dr. Davidian examined me very thoroughly and she recommended a treatment plan. I got few injections which helped my pain. They also made two appliances for me (day and night). I’ve started wearing them for a week now and I feel my jaw pain is better. I highly recommend Dr. Davidian to anyone looking for TMJ or facial pain treatment.