Amy H. - TMD Patient

Within the first 2 weeks I could already tell the relaxation I could feel in my jaw and face and how I would not wake up with headaches. It was amazing… it was like a magic potion for me. Dr. Tracy is very patient and very professional but yet makes you feel like she’s your sister or acquaintance you’ve known for along time.

Devon M. - Alignment Patient

I’m able to perform my daily work without the stress or worry of having headaches. For years I thought the only answer for migraine headaches and tension headaches were prescription drugs. I just strongly encourage anybody who’s dealt with migraine headaches and that are not getting the relief that they had hoped for, to really seek out, talk with Dr. Tracy to see if orthotic would be good for you. It’s been amazing for me. So, I hate I didn’t know about it sooner, she’s great.

Paige B. - Migraine Patient

I went from having migraine symptoms and migraines multiple times a week to having a couple a month maybe, most of them being weather related. It has literally been night and day, would never have thought that something like a jaw alignment would have the impact that it does. It’s made a significant change as far as quality of life goes. My family has noticed the fact I don’t complain as much and I have as many headache issues as I was having before. Just in general, it’s been a huge change and the fact that I didn’t have to go back on medication again.”


Melody M. - Restoration

With so many patients she makes you a priority. It was so smooth, it was easy. Came in, they did impressions, they made me comfortable with it all. Had to come back a few different times but it was just wonderful. I even got a chance to select the shade I wanted… I just love my smile now.

Suzie H. - Restoration

It was really life altering for me. It was a leap of faith that I trusted them completely and I think you have to do that, I just put it in their hands. They made me feel comfortable, they made me feel confident. I knew that they were not only capable but I found in them a real calmness and I knew immediately they were my friends. They were interested in what was going to best for me, they would do everything they could to help me. My family was just so gratified to see the change there was in me. I smile a lot more often.

Rosalee M. - Restoration

Don’t wait, don’t find excuses to postpone something that can improve you, your quality of life, because I think its so important to feel confident, to have self esteem. To have a nice set of teeth, you can smile. It’s so important, it really has an impact in all aspects of your life.