Many patients who have TMJ pain also have ringing or congestion in their ears.  It is important to know that you may be experiencing ringing/congestion in the ears without TMJ pain too.  Why is this?  And how is it related to your joint?


Normal TMJ Position

Notice the hole behind the joint in the picture.  This is your ear canal.  When your joint is in its proper anatomical position, it is not pressed up against your ear canal.  Therefore, you do not hear ringing in the ears or feel like you have congestion or an ear infection that your medical doctor keeps telling you that you do not have.


Compressed Joint

When you are experiencing Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, your joint can be compressed against the fossa upon which it exists.  This compression pushes on your ear canal which can cause symptoms such as ringing in the ears, congestion, or ear pain.

Ear Ringing & Pain Treatment Options

Removable Orthotics

Orthodontic Therapy (Braces)

Choose Carolina TMJ for Relief From Ear Ringing & Pain

By decompressing your joint by either a removable or fixed orthotic, you will be able to decrease the pressure on your ear canal.  Therefore, eliminating, or significantly reducing, the ringing in the ear, congestion, or pain. Call Dr. Tracy at 919-782-9955 to get the relief you have been searching for.