Dr. Davidian likes to provide a non-surgical, conservative treatment. In many cases we recommend a custom-fit oral device, or orthotic, made of clear acrylic. This easy-to-wear orthotic fits over your bottom teeth. It is easy to speak with and not visible to others. Its main purpose is to eliminate muscle spasm and pain, reposition the lower jaw to allow space for the disk and correct parafunctional issues (clenching or grinding). We typically want the patient to wear the orthotics 24/7 for approximately 1 month and then reduce the wear down to 15+ hours per day, depending on the situation.

Why orthotics work:

• Artificially decompress the tissues of the TMJ’s
• Restore foreshortened muscles to their resting length
• Decrease proprioception into the central nervous system
• Limits TMJ functional movements to promote healing
• Decreases electrical activity of muscles