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    TMJ Specialist in Raleigh, NC


    Dr. Tracy Davidian is one of Raleigh’s top TMJ and facial pain doctors, drawing patients from across North Carolina and the surrounding states. Whether you’re dealing with facial pain, ear issues, or sleep disorders, the team at Carolina TMJ is here to help you find the right treatment. You’ll receive advanced care from our experienced team paired with top-of-the-line materials and equipment.

    Our Specialties

    Dr. Davidian is here to empower you to live a healthier life! At Carolina TMJ, she uses neuromuscular dentistry to unveil what’s causing your facial pain. Dr. Davidian specializes in TMJ dysfunction, sleep disorders, headaches, and ear issues that can all be linked to your dental care. Learn more about our specialties and how treatment at Carolina TMJ can make you more comfortable.


    TMJ and JAW PAIN

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    Sleep Disorders


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    ear pain

    Ear Issues

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    MIDTOWN MAGAZINE'S 2018, 2017, & 2016 BEST DOCTORS

    2018 faces of raleigh logo
    Midtown Magazine’s 2018 Faces of Raleigh featured Dr. Tracy Davidian as the face of Craniofacial pain and TMJ.
    2017 faces of raleigh logo
    Dr. Tracy Davidian was featured in the 2017 Faces of Raleigh as the face of Craniofacial pain and TMJ.
    2016 Best Doctors logo
    Midtown Magazine has listed Dr. Tracy Davidian as one of its 2016 Best Doctors for treating craniofacial pain, TMJ disorders, and sleep disordered breathing.