Nicky D.

Dental Assistant / New Patient Coordinator

Nicky is a native of eastern North Carolina, attended Wayne Community College, and began her career as a certified dental assistant with a local pediatric practice. Working alongside Dr. Davidian for more than 20 years has greatly enriched her chairside assisting skills with sedation dentistry, and more importantly, it has provided her the opportunity to expand her general dental knowledge. By attending many of the training and continuing education courses with Dr. Davidian, she has a broad understanding of TMJ disorder, the neuromuscular and craniofacial systems as well as sleep breathing disorders and how it relates to dentistry. Her current role as Dr. Davidian’s new patient care coordinator allows her to get to know our patients on a personal level, provide awareness and education on the many conditions we treat and walk them through their treatment process. Nicky’s dedication to providing compassionate, empathetic interaction and communication with our patients is an invaluable asset to our practice. She is rewarded by the many testimonies of how our individualized, conservative therapies are effective in providing relief and management of chronic conditions. She spends most of her free time with her husband and daughter. She also enjoys travel with family and friends, watching documentaries and reading.