An amazing alternative to dentures, dental implants solve the problems caused by missing teeth by acting as permanent teeth replacements. Anchored under the gums to your jawbone, they mimic your natural teeth and offer the same functional and visual benefits as real teeth.

The long-term effects of missing teeth can seriously influence one’s oral and medical health, the emergence of dental implants offers a number important benefits. Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth that both look and feel like your natural teeth.

An innovative alternative to traditional methods, dental implants are custom-designed to replace teeth, permanently anchor dentures, or provide full-mouth rehabilitations, while mimicking real teeth in both form and function. There is no maintenance required for them other than your normal daily brushing and flossing routine; and best of all, dental implants help uphold the overall health of the surrounding teeth and gums. Dr. Tracy Davidian can restore dental implants right here at her Raleigh practice.